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Here’s My Story

This isn’t another “here’s how I made 6-figures sales pitch in under a year” or “I left my job at X year old and lived in Asia for a year” tale. This is about you and me- two totally normal human beings. You don’t have to quit your job, sell all of your things, and decide between a relationship or a plane ticket in 2019. Seeing the world doesn’t mean giving up your life.

This is a story about traveling as an entrepreneur and a conventional employee.  This is about how to see the world while working very real in person demanding jobs while balancing family, goals, clients (or managers), a spouse, and crazy cats. This blog is about how you can keep it together, find your inspiration, and grow in life (or career) by exploring the world or your home state. This blog will help you plan trips, find the hidden gems around the world, answer questions you have about traveling, and give you the FREE travel tips you need to maximize your travel. 

I’m here to tell entrepreneurs, CEOs, parents, and hourly workers alike that you CAN and SHOULD take a vacation and get away. You deserve it! Your business, creative outputs, family, and employees will celebrate you for it. It is possible to escape even during the 40-60 hour work week. My goal is to help you make the most of your travel and vacation time in between your crazy schedule. 

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