Everything You Wanted To Know About 420 Tours While in Los Angeles

Best 420 Tours in Los Angeles – Los Angeles Weed Buses and Best LA Dispensaries 

When my client confirmed we would be traveling to Los Angeles for a content creation session, I started to wonder what are the best things to do in Los Angeles? Thinking back to my most recent trip to California which involved accidentally booking a haunted hotel, the highlight of the trip was immersing myself in the local (liberal) weed culture. Imagine my disappointment when I learned about weed buses too late and couldn’t snag a seat on the infamous smoke friendly buses. Heading back to Los Angeles means getting to check off adventures on my bucket list with some of the nation’s most progressive tourism.

Have you smoked marijuana on vacation? Have you thought about taking a weed tour? Let me know in the comments! 

Wait – It’s legal to smoke on a 420 bus in Los Angeles? And you can buy marijuana from the best dispensaries? Yes.  

There had been a lot of discussion around cannabis for the past few decades. People around the United States pushed for its legalization for medical as well as recreational use. However, they were denied a number of times until recently when there were some encouraging signs that showed the ice was beginning to thaw. 

Anyway, fast forward to 2016, California had always been at the forefront of this struggle and eventually became one of the first states in the US to not only legalize cannabis for medical purposes, but also for its recreational use. 

This major turn of events in government regulation on marijuana has taken its toll on the tourism industry as well. It has introduced to us a new concept called cannabis tourism which has become increasingly popular and people from far and wide come to enjoy them. To my surprise, getting high in the Golden State is easy. 

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Best Cannabis Tours in Los Angeles

What is Cannabis Tourism? 

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to weed tourism than rolling a blunt and getting high as a kite. Cannabis tourism comes in many forms for all levels of experience. After speaking to Travis, owner of LA Hemp Tours, he made it very clear that most people that book his one of a kind tour have never smoked marijuana and are there to learn more about the taboo subject from local experts. 

Connoisseurs and novice partakers alike can find something to match their preferences and comfort level in California. For example, private fine dining chefs organize cannabis-infused dinners with a mix of THC and CBD additions for a balanced, mellow meal. For those budding with questions, state marijuana growers open the doors to their marijuana farms and teach tourists about growing, harvesting, and consuming marijuana. You can shop on Rodeo Drive and buy celebrity marijuana strains at luxury weed boutiques, learn to cook edibles in a culinary class, or hit the jackpot with a smoke-on board group marijuana tour. 

Before dropping a dime about the best 420 tours, Los Angeles’ best dispensaries, and best weed tours, you’ve got to know the laws to smoke recreationally safely.  

What You Need To Know About The Marijuana Laws for Tourists 

If you’re like me, you might come from a state or country that frowns upon the recreational consumption of marijuana. Let me be blunt about this, not only is cannabis easily accessible, it is the norm. However, just because it is legal, does not mean it is free for all for visitors to get stoned and cause mayhem. 

Can you bring back marijuana from California with you on a plane? 

In California, you can absolutely walk into a dispensary and walk out with a weed plant, edibles, and a few grams of marijuana flower. However, flying with marijuana is illegal on a federal level. If you bought too much cannabis and don’t have the heart to toss it before your flight, think again. While TSA is not actively looking for drugs during bag screenings, they can search your bag and report the drugs to the local authorities. 

To avoid buying “too much”, it is suggested to purchase pre-rolled joints from reputable dispensaries for as low as $5.  

Where can you legally smoke marijuana or consume cannabis in California? 

Consuming legal weed in Cali can be tricky because it is prohibited to consume cannabis in any form in public. The same restrictions regarding smoking tobacco apply to cannabis. For example, if your Airbnb or hotel prohibits smoking cigarettes on the property, it is also illegal to smoke marijuana on that property. Additionally, it is also illegal to consume cannabis within a car (with the except of smoke-friendly bus tours – see below). 

Smoking in public can result in a fine of $70. As of 2019, some cities in California are rolling out business licenses to cannabis lounges which will allow people to consume cannabis on-site in a social setting. Ask your budtender if they know of any social lounges where smoking or consuming cannabis on site is legal. 

How do you buy marijuana in California? 

Believe it or not, buying marijuana is just like buying a bottle of Champagne. Anyone 21 or older can purchase from a dispensary with a valid government issued ID like a passport or driver’s license. Upon entering the dispensary, your ID will be checked and scanned. Don’t worry, this is only to confirm your age and not to put you on America’s Most High list. Depending on the number of people in the dispensary, you might be asked to wait in a waiting room until a budtender is available to help you. 

What is visiting a California dispensary like? 

Once you’ve had your age verified and granted access into the dispensary, you might be disappointed at how normal it is. I was expecting a smoke-filled room that would give me a contact high with plush couches and samples readily available before purchase, this was a fantasy created out of watching too many episodes of Weeds on Netflix. 

Some dispensaries are a lap of luxury while others focus on the healing powers of medical marijuana and resemble a pharmacy. You’ll be greeted by a budtender who will ask what you’re looking for and follow up with questions and recommendations. While you can smell and look at products including marijuana plants and marijuana flowers, there is no sampling allowed. The budtender can help navigate the experience and explain the differences with each strain, edible, and oil.  

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Best Dispensaries in Los Angeles 

Los Angeles is home to over 100 dispensaries. Some dispensaries are known for their unbeatable prices in high touristic areas, while others focus on quality strains. Choosing the best dispensary in Los Angeles was no easy feat. Professionalism, cleanliness, variety, and service earned each named dispensary a mention below. 

Best Dispensaries in Los Angeles — OG Top Shop – South Los Angeles 

OG Top Shop is the Candyland of LA dispensaries. Enjoy a sugar high with dozens of pre-packaged edibles of gummies, sour candies, vegan desserts, and puffed rice treats. The legal limit of THC is 10 mg per serving with a maximum limit of 100 mg per package. If you’re looking to try multiple strains without the fuss of grinding and rolling your own purchase, shop the largest selections of pre-rolled joints for an easy smoke. 

Best Dispensaries in Los Angeles  — Buds & Roses- Studio City 

This dispensary will probably get their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the near future. As a Los Angeles institution, Buds & Roses is popular with the locals, celebrities, and visitors alike. It’s swanky interior, awarded Cannabis Cups on display, and media mentions dress the walls, letting you know you’ve walked into a high caliber dispensary. 

Buds & Roses is known for its vegan and conscious strains and products. Don’t worry, this place isn’t as pretentious as it sounds. It’s a low-pressure environment with friendly budtenders happy to help you. There is no rush to hurry up and decide or rolling of the eyes for the questions you might have. 

Best Dispensaries in Los Angeles  — Herbarium – West Hollywood 

If you’re looking for a dispensary that is founded on advocating, educating, and elevating their visitors, this is it. A bright, colorful dispensary with a staff that is second to none. Herbarium is known for being one of the friendliest dispensaries in the area without the bougie frills. Considering consuming cannabis affects your mind and body, it’s important to receive recommendations from a knowledgable team. 

Speaking from former experience during a trip to San Diego, I made some mistakes. I didn’t ask questions and purchased based off of some vague recommendations because I felt rushed. The result? A wildly uncomfortable, eye-bugging, scary dinner in San Diego. Don’t be afraid to speak to your budtender, if they blow you off find another dispensary. Head to Herbarium for qualified, passionate, and above the bar customer service. 

Best Weed Tours in Los Angeles

There is no better way to dive into the weed culture than taking an organized, legal Los Angeles weed tour. Indulgence and safety are at the forefront of every organizer’s itinerary. Each excursion takes different behind the scene peeks at the growing marijuana industry while giving visitors a supervised safe haven.

One thing to remember is this: Every tour is different. Some tours encourage on-bus smoking and visit trippy art galleries, while others drive the group to the dispensaries and focus more on the education component of cannabis. Taking a marijuana tour in Los Angeles does not mean you have to consume cannabis. 

Best 420 Tour in Los Angeles – LA Hemp Tours 

LA Hemp Tours is the hidden gem of 420 tours in Los Angeles. Other tours shuttle large groups of people from one smoke shop to the next and dropping them off in tourist areas for some #StonedSelfies. LA Hemp Tours does the exact opposite. 

LA Hemp Tours focuses on showing locals and visitors alike the off beaten path of Los Angeles while combining quality cannabis consumption. The tour commences at an exclusive dispensary where you have the option to purchase cannabis products at a discounted rate. The dispensaries are not just welcoming, they’re dedicated to sharing their weed wisdom with as many people as possible. 

Once you’ve decided to shop (or not), Travis leads you to off the grid slices of paradise. What better way to see Malibu, Santa Monica, and drive through the roaming depths of California enjoying the purple hazy skies and landscape than on a 420 bus? Why stroll a crowded pier when you can be surrounded with what makes California epically beautiful? 

LA Hemp Tours is hands down the best 420 tours in Los Angeles specifically because it caters to the locals who have seen and tried it all. If you’re looking for a chill, slower paced tour, this is for you. 

Weed Tour in Los Angeles – Green Line Trips

Perhaps the most popular cannabis tour in Los Angeles is the one and only Green Line Trips. Some of their current tour offerings include taking you and your friends to a Dodger’s game on the Kush Bus, Weed & Wine tours, and their most popular weed tours that focus on Santa Monica/Venice or Hollywood. 

If you’re looking for a short tour that will give you a ride to the dispensary, allow smoking in a social environment, and drive you over to touristic areas, this tour is a must.  Onboard, you’ll discover munchies and CBD which would even out someone’s high if they consumed too much THC during the tour. Riding along with GreenLine gives you exclusive discounts at the dispensary. All you need is a valid ID and cash on hand to purchase goods from the dispensaries. Dispensaries are a cash-only business, but many do have ATMs on site.  

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420 Tours, Weed Buses, and Dispensaries are on every corner in Los Angeles. 

Don’t let your Los Angeles trip go up in a puff of smoke. The trick is finding the best and reputable weed tour and best dispensary to enjoy on vacation. Much like any other tour, no one wants to drop cash on a subpar experience. The best weed tours are well worth the advanced reservations. Knowing how you’ll embrace the weed culture and setting expectations is the first step to having a safe vacation. 

Have you smoked marijuana on vacation? Have you thought about taking a weed tour? Let me know in the comments! 


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