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Living in the Spring Break capital of the United States, I notice the flocks of mostly pale college kids who have decided to let loose in Florida for a week. The Spring Break “season” is from early March to late April before the kick off of hurricane season.

Luckily, for the rest of us, Spring Break in Florida doesn’t always mean club-hopping and alcohol poisoning, it can be family-friendly with kids and romantic for couples. Get ready to pack your sun-screen, two-piece bikini, and selfie stick here’s everything you wanted to know about Spring Break in Florida.

Which City in Florida Should You Visit for Spring Break?

Commonly Asked Questions about Spring Break in Florida:

There is nothing more ambiguous than saying one city is the “best of them all” when it comes to Spring Break in Florida. With hundreds of big vibrant cities and small cozy beach towns, it’s impossible to pinpoint the “best” city that would suit every student, family, or couple. If Florida had a yearbook and a superlative section, this is what the pages would say:

Best for Nature Lovers – Naples

If you’re outdoorsy and enjoy activities under the sun like golfing, kayaking, fishing, or enjoying the sunset in a serene, quiet setting Naples might be for you.

Best for Mermaids and Thalassophiles – Key Largo

Head South from Miami for 70 miles and you’ll stumble upon Key Largo. Known as the scuba diving capital of Florida, Key Largo is home to the John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park which is the first undersea park in America.  The bars are lively, boast Florida’s freshest seafood, and come with sunset celebrations.

Best for Party Animals – Panama City Beach

I bet you thought I was going to say South Beach. Panama City Beach is for actual party animals who want to be wild, crazy, and party in the billows of salty kisses from the beach. The city does not sleep during Spring Break. So, if your idea of a vacation means leaving Florida with very little memories and a sore body from the hours of dancing until the next morning, book your trip to Panama City Beach.  

Best for Most Popular – Miami Beach

There’s nothing wrong with popularity and being the safe choice if the answer is Miami. Miami has a different air that cities in Florida don’t even know how to breathe. It’s an instantly sexy, vibrant, city buzzing with energy and lots of Cuban Cortaditos. While Miami does offer day and night parties during Spring Break, many people enjoy visits to Instagram Paradise aka Wynwood, day trips to the Bahamas, and food tours as a way to escape the beats from last night.  

Where can families go for Spring Break in Florida?

Orlando, Sanibel Island, and St. Augustine are great choices for families looking for a kid-friendly spring break vacation.

Orlando makes you forget that you could be spending your day on the beach building sandcastles. Spending Spring Break in Orlando might mean coming across Mickey Mouse, screaming on rollercoasters, and splashing around in waterparks. From themed hotels to quirky attractions about The Titanic, Orlando can please the entire family.

Sanibel Island was my parent’s favorite getaway in Florida. Esteemed for its pearly white sand and rare seashells, Sanibel Island offers a family friendly paradise. Imagine the kids building sandcastles as you unwind to the sounds of waves crashing on the shore.

Little explorers and history buffs alike need to visit St. Augustine. St. Augustine is a book come to life with its tales of takeovers, magical fountains, and ghost stories. St. Augustine is perfect for couples, families, and solo travelers as a Spring Break destination.

Where are the best parties for Spring Break in Florida?  

No frills, just booze, and music parties are a dime a dozen in Panama City Beach and St. Petersburg. You’ll meet a bunch of twenty-somethings from all over the country looking to have a good time.

If you want to party with celebrities in your highest heels, head to Miami. Miami’s parties are sexy and luxury lingers in the air. The people are beautiful, bottles cost more than your weekly paycheck, and it’s a right of passage to party until 5 in the morning in South Beach.

Money Saving Miami Tip:   The huge margarita glasses with the two upsides down beers with the tropical fruit you could share with your bestie costs $80-$120 each if you’re facing the beach on Ocean Avenue. When you flip out at the sight of your bill, the waitress will tell you they’re “buy 1 get 1 free”. This is a common scam. Always ask for the cost of a drink BEFORE you order, it might save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

If you want to party with a bit of an older crowd that’s over the “drink until you’re on the floor” phase, head to Key West. Key West is the Las Vegas of the Southeast. What happens there, stays there. This is a great beach town with Duval being the main strip within walking distance from most hotels and Airbnbs #NoDrinkingandDriving If you like to spend your days in bars or pubs, Key West has your name written all over it.

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